Importance of satellites in maritime domain

Indian satellite programme, though mainly proclaimed as civilian, carries enormous potential for military planners and has serious implications for Pakistan. New space launching sites and other ground facilities will be created during the next two decades. Camouflage and deception if planned carefully, reasonable chances exists of deceiving the satellites.

It promises a powerful surveillance capability, yet it contributes to the most challenging MDA problem, the ability to extract accurate, complete, and trusted information through the management, analysis, and exploitation of Importance of satellites in maritime domain beneficial yet massive data sets.

Provision of essential guidance data for missiles. Use of such information for target acquisition during Kargil crisis, is a case in point. They bring a data set that complements other information sources and helps build a much more comprehensive understanding of vessels and other objects of interest.

Keeping in view these limitations the panel puts forth few recommendations in order to address this increasing menace which could prove decisive in any future conflict. IRS-1A Launched on 17 marchit is used for monitoring land and sea resources. Indian satellite programme, though mainly proclaimed as civilian, carries enormous potential for military planners and has serious implications for Pakistan.

This may be a very long term solution and results may not be visible in any shape in the foreseeable future yet its importance cannot be over emphasized. This reflects the realities of the era where information dominance has become synonymous with power.

The most straight forward way to disrupt ground stations is simply to destroy them. Access a maritime picture covering vast maritime regions. It is prudent to mention that there are at least four types of satellites which are very important to Maritime warfare.

Provision of essential guidance data for missiles.

Leveraging Technology Trends for Maritime Domain Awareness

This image shows the first picture taken by cartosat-1 and presented to the president of India. It musthowever, be kept in mind that destroying ground stations controlling satellite systems may not be an easy task in itself as they may be heavily defended and any such attempt is more likely to have other serious consequences.

Forces on land, sea and air, missile launches, detection of radars, direction of weapons after launch can be detected by satellites-spies in the sky. Over the last three decades, India has achieved an enviable progress in the space systems.

However, this would have following disadvantages: Each year, small satellites become even smaller, more sophisticated, more capable, and less expensive. It is also used for monitoring land and sea resources.

Despite limited resources, India has and is continuing to develop a broad based space programme with indigenous launch vehicles, satellites, control facilities and data processing. ASAT weapons using Lasers or Kinetic devices could eliminate a satellite without producing much debris, but they have yet to be fielded.

Canada is at the forefront of space-based MDA. India developed Polar SLVs during the mid nineties providing the capability of launching satellites into the sun synchronous orbits. The discussion of resolution can become highly complex but put in simple words it may be defined as the minimum separation between two similar objects needed for an imaging system to distinguish the objects as two rather than one.

See it all meant wide area coverage, see it well meant high resolution and see it now meant a system that got the images to the photo-interpreter in minutes not days. Weeden pointed out, however, that satellites cannot do the MDA job alone.

Satellites provided secure and reliable communications and made it possible to coordinate various operations conducted by these widely scattered forces.

ASLVs were used till The active countermeasures that are talked about these days are anti satellite weapons ASATjamming or spoofing signal from satellites or the disruption of the ground stations. At present there are five Indian remote sensing satellites orbiting the earth in a sun-synchronous orbit.

In addition, following are the military purposes, which would conversely high light the implications for IOR in general and PN in particular are: The space programme has become largely self-reliant with capability to design and build its own satellites for providing space services.

Its capabilities are similar to IRS-1A. Traditionally, maritime security agencies have relied on surveillance aircraft, ships following patrol patterns and coastal radar to search for suspicious vessels and activities.

RADAR SATELLITES AND MARITIME DOMAIN AWARENESS J.K.E. Tunaley London Research and Development Corporation,London Research and Development Corporation, Margaret Anne Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K0A 1L0 () Report Documentation.

Space-Based Systems Enhance Maritime Domain Awareness Say SWF Panelists

importance of the maritime domain, there is another complicating factor in that the seas are no longer the only medium that can access the connects us around the globe. there is a new. Whether it be monitoring shipping on behalf of global markets, timely awareness of emergencies at sea, determining environmental hazards, tracking illegal activities, or gathering intelligence regarding potential threats to national security, access to timely and accurate understanding of what is happening in our maritime environments – known as.

MDA BlueHawk Delivers Global Maritime Domain Awareness; Views; Related. With water covering about 70 percent of the planet, maritime domain awareness is one of the most important activities undertaken by national and international agencies.

allowing for approximately minute latency from the time of satellite imaging until. quickly and cheaply. The ships that ply the Maritime Domain are the primary mode of transportation for world trade, carrying over 80%. 1. of world trade by volume, making the security of the Maritime Domain critically important to the prosperity and liberty of billions of people.

Presently, various modern-day maritime platforms and infrastructure at ports (and adjoining areas) significantly depend on satellites. This paper debates the significance of space technologies for the maritime domain in general and navies in particular. Global shipping accounts for 90% of international trade.

Importance of satellites in maritime domain
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