Importance of balance of the marketing mix

The rule of thumb is to set the price so that is complements the other components of your marketing strategy. Word-of-mouth and digital advertising are also essential components of promotion.

Businesses that are able to predict the lifecycle of a product can gain a competitive advantage by having new products or services ready for customers. Importance of Market and Marketing Research. The benefits offered by the product and all its features need to be understood and the Importance of balance of the marketing mix selling proposition of the product need to be studied.

Under which circumstances will your ideal customer alter his or her shopping habits. Any strategy or technique the company uses to market its products or services, including advertising, direct mail, public relations and content marketing among other methods.

But relying on just these can lead to inaccurate assumptions that may not end up delivering results. All this planning can rouse the impatience of a saint, but in time you will be especially glad you took the time to delve into your marketing mix.

Price The price that the product will be sold for can be increased or decreased at any time. BOPS statistics at least estimates of major items are regularly compiled, published and are continuously monitored by companies, banks and government agencies.

The marketing plan can be finalized once it is ensured that all four elements are in harmony and there are no conflicting messages, either implicit or explicit. Or it may tighten credit and money supply to make it difficult for domestic banks and firms to borrow the home currency to make investments abroad.

How to Study the Importance of a Marketing Mix

Are there other purposes or needs that your product could fulfill. In addition, the potential buyers of the product need to be identified and understood. Evaluating Placement Options At this point the marketing manager needs to evaluate placement options to understand where the customer is most likely to make a purchase and what are the costs associated with using this channel.

Market research is therefore invaluable in helping to determine price. The perceived value of the product is closely tied in with how it is made available. To ensure success, a business should take care to integrate a variety of strategies into its marketing plan. Customer service is no longer simply an afterthought to help people who have already made purchases.

There are nine parts or elements in Marketing.

How do you describe each element of the marketing mix?

Lauterborn put forward his customer centric four Cs classification in Physical Evidence is proof and a reassurance that a service was performed People are the employees who deliver the service Processes are the methods through which a service is executed and delivered to the customer Lack of True Customer Focus Though a total focus on the customer and what they desire is a vital element of the 4P model, this truth is often in danger of being overlooked by enthusiastic marketing teams.

Marketers designing the promotional marketing plan for these products could take the same analytical approach, using the 4Ps or 7Ps framework to compose that plan. To cater to the unique challenges of services, the 4P model has been supplemented with 3 additional categories which are: What factors will influence potential changes to your price, such as higher distribution costs, advertising buys and a quest for higher profit.

Businesses need to make a profit, but that won't happen if the price of your product is more than customers are willing to pay.

Through customer surveys or focus groups, there needs to be an identification of how important this USP is to the consumer and whether they are intrigued by the offering.

For example a country facing a current account deficit may raise interest rates to attract short-term capital inflow to prevent depreciation of its currency. Companies naturally want to get their products and services out in front of as many prospective customers who are ready, willing and able to purchase as possible.

Whatever the channel used, it is necessary for it to be suitable for the product, the price and the end user it is being marketed to. An understanding of the subjective value of the product and a comparison with its actual manufacturing distribution cost will help set a realistic price point.

All this planning can rouse the impatience of a saint, but in time you will be especially glad you took the time to delve into your marketing mix. Distinguish Strategy From Tactics Once you thoughtfully answer these questions, you will be in a much better, more informed position to develop your marketing strategy and brainstorm your tactics.

Also important to keep in mind is the customers' view of the quality and value of your products. What type of venues could extend the reach of your product. While tools and strategies may be replicated across product lines, each product must have its own marketing plan based on its own 4Ps analysis.

Studying the marketing mix for your specific product or service starts by grasping the nuances of the four Ps. Marketing is highly important in sales. Be prepared to ask plenty of questions as you probe – not just recite – the elements of the marketing mix: product, price, place and promotion.

Only then can you develop a. The marketing mix's importance lies in its ability to help a business determine the suitability of a product or service for a particular target consumer base. Studying the marketing mix for your.

Why the balance of marketing mix is as important as any single element? What are the marketing mix and importance in business? The Role of the Marketing Mix. There's an old axiom that defines marketing as the process of "getting the right product in front of the right people at the right time and for the right price.".

Home» Articles» How to achieve an effective promotional mix. How to achieve an effective promotional mix It is also worth highlighting that the promotional mix is not the marketing mix, it is merely a subset that focuses on communication and is made up of: Ultimately the balance of the mix depend on the target market, resource.

Place in marketing mix plays very important role. It is all about the way how the costumer gets the product.

How to achieve an effective promotional mix

Companies should be determine the better place at the right time to trade and the promote the product for the success of the product.

Importance of balance of the marketing mix
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Understanding the Marketing Mix Concept - 4Ps