Art is it important or not

Some people like art; but most do not, and absolutely nobody needs it. Why do you think a solid arts education curriculum is or is not worthwhile in our schools. Participation in the arts is one of the best ways to develop these abilities.

I think this is a good thing, especially since being an artist is apparently something we all are…at least until the cult of Beuys dies out, which is very unlikely this side of the Apocalypse given the current climate. It is as necessary for the artist make it as it is for the public to receive it because it is a link to truth and beauty although the message may not always be lovely or pleasant.

This jargon sounds very fancy but more often than not says nothing. If art is eliminated, there is no appreciation of good art -- we have lowered the bar and allowed the acceptance of mediocrity in search of any visual stimulation at all.

Put it in a warehouse. This would explain both the singularity of the work and the depth of feeling it captures. The need to create, the creative imperative, is more primal and infinitely more subtle than the cliche of beauty. Why is art necessary.

Now let me just say upfront that my own cursive writing was so atrocious that my teachers actually requested that I stop using it somewhere around sixth grade. These seem to have no problem generating support; why should art be any different.

The Big Question: Why is art important?

Even just showing up at openings, drinking free booze, and being another warm body in the crowd counts as a minimal kind of support…at least you help make it look busy. See what you come out with. Reading and writing, arithmetic and grammar do not constitute education any more than a knife, fork and spoon constitute a dinner.

Art makes you think. This is one of the ways that a cosmopolitan center or that which wishes to be viewed as one signifies to the rest of the world that it has come of age; and it is this type of art that students of contemporary art schools are invariably schooled in, and which upon graduating, will be responsible for championing in one form or another.

Art lasts longer than most things. Once out in the world they can accrue interpretations not even dreamt of by the creator -- but also good to have out in the world. Well, here are some suggestions as why they should not.

We are bombarded by advertisement images -- the quality of which is being constantly tweaked by the fabulous software programs that create them. At the same time, in the New York public schools art was offered on a regular basis from grammar school though junior high school. Maybe every time one of our arts, music, or drama programs are eliminated in one of our schools or local community.

Artists understand the necessity and drive to make art, but perhaps the public does not always understand why it needs to receive it. But it is not Just a painting of a woman, because if it was we could not feel mysterious feeling.

By most definitions art is intensely subjective. Those seeking careers in the arts will likely need to put much more time into art instruction and performance than non-artists.

Jay Senetchko

Like this, we could feel the emotions that we might not have felt without work of arts. What love looks like. Without them, we are unformed, a bare step out of the cave.

Top Ten Reasons Why Art is Essential to the Human Spirit

Who decides to support sports?. Not only is Art important it is the essence and the connecting sinews of all human civilization.

In fact, it is the highest expression of human thought thtough human vivilization. Art is ubiquitous. Because people, and some artists, are hankering for money and the trappings. Some consider art as useless subject that does not teach us anything; only consider art as the entertainment.

But arts could be very beneficial to us, it teaches us lesson such as history and culture, and allow us to feel the same feeling that artist felt.

Top Ten Reasons Why Art is Essential to the Human Spirit. I was reminded that art is so inspiring and important. It It's hard to walk by art and not look at it. Leonardo dad Vinci is known for his paintings, one of the art works Is called Mona Lisa.

This work of art is Just a painting of the woman without any artistic perspective. But It Is not just a painting of a woman, because If It was we could not feel mysterious feeling. Art Isn’t That Important.

Art: Is It Important or Not?

Working in the arts as I do, it’s common for me to hear people make positive arguments for supporting the arts. I also have many friends outside the arts; and it’s just as common for me to hear these people decry the very thought supporting them perhaps more so. Even someone who has no appreciation of art should understand that art is important to a wide range of people all over the world and through history.

It's not just a matter of being ignorant of art, it's good old full fledged ignorance. Art is important, whether you like it or not, understand it or not, value it or not.

Art is it important or not
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